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However, now that your ruler Venus has moved to accent them, the time has come to focus on these, and these alone. Now, however, things are out of your hands. Knowing that, instead of wasting time on those issues, leave them to others. In the meantime, focus on persistent dilemmas of your own.

You can finally tackle, and ultimately, overcome them. The cycle of changes in the structure of your life began a week ago, at the time of the New Moon. It triggered a range of unexpected offers and alterations in existing plans. While your intentions are good, the fact is, the individual in question actually enjoys these dramas.

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One of your strengths, as an Aries, is your ability to think and move swiftly. While this could be frustrating, it will also lead to insights that would otherwise have passed you by. Take it slowly. Only days ago, you organised this week and events in the near future as well. Facts are facts. However, when the communication planet Mercury is retrograde and triggering all sorts of misunderstandings, mostly minor, things are unlikely to go as planned.

True, many of the resulting changes will be a nuisance. However, others raise questions that will lead to discussions that are informative, if not amazingly illuminating. During this week of change, discussion and yet more change, even simple plans are likely to be questioned, probably often. While many will have been organised by others, a few will be yours and, worse, you could feel anxious about this.

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The trick is, instead, to focus on what you and others are learning. Consequently, you could be irritated if not upset about the way certain arrangements are being handled. Discuss your concerns frankly. What you learn will be both a surprise and a huge relief. But it only begins reverse motion on 31 October, and these issues date back months.

However, the minor errors triggered by this cycle have highlighted issues and, consequently, are prompting you to deal with them. Within days events will turn those ideas into action. This may seem unkind if not just plain cruel. But the fact is, they really enjoy these dramas and, even more, detailing each twist and turn to others. Deep down, they actually delight in them. Sometimes obstacles are exactly that, difficulties to be overcome.

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Tempting as it is to defend your actions, adopt a firm approach. Mostly, these can be dealt with swiftly. However, one or two are quite complex. Take these slowly. Of the twelve signs, you are perhaps the most easygoing. Long ago you learnt that while certain individuals have a talent for enjoying life, others will always find something to complain about. Waste no time trying to persuade them to join in.

Simply head off on your own. This may be out of character for you, as a cautious Virgo, but once you adopt this approach, life will be a lot easier. But when you set a goal or decide to get a job done, you can be amazingly determined. Certainly note any confusion, and talk things through while you can. True, this can be inconvenient, for you and others. Now sudden changes in the lives of those closest are forcing you to rethink things anyway. However, your life was different and so were the circumstances in question.

Yet you still feel compelled to look after them in a crisis. The problem? Be patient. Your intuition is telling you these are coming, and those feelings are sound. The secret? Wait and watch. That being the case, explore absolutely everything. But in several situations what merely seem appealing ideas could turn out to be nothing short of brilliant.

In early October Mars, planet of courage and action, moved to accent the structure of your life, triggering a cycle of questioning and, often, change. Tackle them soon, ideally before Mars moves into a new sign, on the 19th. Once you begin, it will be a relief. Clashes will do wonders to clear the air. When it comes to certain increasingly tricky issues involving those closest, timing is everything. A painful process must exist in order for a person to get out of their cocoon or find a meaning in their hurtful circumstances.


There is no mention of any human here, although the first symbol implies the existence, and all things that happen in lives of those born on this day seem to be guided by forces of nature and the circumstantial, rarely provoked by any person. People born on the 17th of February have a task to discover their own power of will and personality, shining a light on their shadows and dark places to evolve. It is a stressful incarnation that keeps bouncing them back to their ego, decisions, and solitude if they don't manage to find middle ground with other people, especially those in charge.

As they build a healthy image of Self and their self-esteem grows, it becomes obvious that all they have taken personally wasn't personal at all, and their childish role ends so that the creative one may show. When a person is born on the 17th of February, their warmth and need for excitement will probably push them into very different relationships throughout their lifetime.

They are spontaneous and willing to experiment and try out many approaches, and will bump into people who fit their current state of mind perfectly.

February 17th Zodiac

Looking for someone to talk to and have an adventure with, they will usually become distant when things get serious, for as long as they aren't ready to find actual admiration for another human being. As they get older, their need to settle down kicks in, but stability will be hard to reach if they don't find the right amount of self-respect along the way.

Once they start following their creative side and truly engage in strange activities that attract them, many new emotional relationships could come their way, as if the door to those who think alike open. Brave steps into weirdness lead them towards emotional recognition of others and heal their hearts.

A person born on the 17th of February feels best when occupied with extremely creative work that no one else has done before. They work fast and well under pressure, connecting to the realm of ideas as soon as something pushes them over their own limits. In time, they can become excellent managers and leaders, but only if their career has had enough innovative and bold moves to make them proud. Technology, programming, and engineering stand for their natural interests and work areas that will bring out the best in their character.

Every person born on the 17th of February has a need to find oneness and recognize that we are all one and the same, from the same source. This could never be further from the truth. Pent up emotions are poisons to your soul. Learn to let go! Also, you cling to others even when it is not necessary. This can hinder your own personal growth and development. Again, learn to let go! You share the February 1 birthday with a number of famous people from around the globe. These include:. The February 17 zodiac people are in the 3rd decan of Aquarius. They are in the same category as those born between February 10 and February The planet Venus plays a major role in your life. It has empowered you with such qualities as resourcefulness, charm, understanding, and progress. People pay attention whenever you are in their vicinity.

You create fun and excitement wherever you go. With you, there is never a dull moment. For this reason, a number of people may be jealous of your capabilities. They envy your ability to mesmerize crowds. The good news is that this never ruffles your feathers! You are bold enough to call things as you see them. You do not really care how people will perceive you. This kind of an attitude has won you many admirers in your circles. People see you as dependable whenever they want the truth said. And, you never disappoint them! You solve problems in unconventional ways. Your solutions are always a shocker.

You believe in being peculiar. The more peculiarities you display, the more people come to respect and appreciate your contribution. People born on February 17 can excel in the fields of innovation, technology, fashion and design, and the arts. However, it also stands for decay. Take care that you are not too unconventional as to lose relevance! This will help you to make prudent decisions regarding your life. Read on for more details! However, you often isolate yourself when you have a crucial matter to deal with. This is the Cusp of Sensitivity. The combination of these two has an interesting effect on your life.

As such, you are able to live your dreams to the fullest. However, you have the advantage of powerful thoughts and deep spirituality. Love and Compatibility for February 17 Zodiac The February 17 zodiac people are charming and attractive.

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